Planning Schedule

As we get closer to the move Paragon makes sure you have a planning schedules with a check list to help you get ready for your move. Again like the other moving check lists they make both your job and ours much easier. If your moving to an area like Oshawa, Burlington, Pickering, Scarborough, Vaughan or Toronto where it's further away than your current office the check lists come in handy. Check with your consultant at Paragon if there's any questions at all regarding your office move.

Four weeks seems like a long time but when it comes to office moving or corporate relocations, you can't afford downtime. Office moving is the type of move that must be carefully planned, perfectly orchestrated. There are other office moving companies but Paragon Office Installation Services is the best at what they do.

Commercial office or residential moving is what Paragon Office Installation Services specializes in, knows and does the best for their clients. Our staff has years of experience in corporate relocations and reconfigurations. At Paragon Office Installation Services our professionally trained movers are our most valuable asset.


Meet with Paragon, and/or Move Consultant to finalize the move schedule.

Form Moving Supervisory Team to assist in delegation and implementation.

Finalize floor plan for new office and assign label and placard colors and department numbers to provide to your mover.

Prepare Move Communication Packets for your employees, providing the move schedule and instructions.

Schedule and prepare agenda for your Employee Move Orientation Meeting.

Take inventory of all "High-Value" items in your office and note any pre-existing damage. Declare all high-value items to your mover in writing.

Contact your insurance agent to discuss coverage during your move.

Meet with your MIS Department to discuss special needs for moving IT equipment. Paragon can also meet with your MIS Department to explain the Process for moving computers.


Conduct your Employee Move Orientation Meeting.

Distribute Move Communication Packets to your employees.

Schedule delivery of moving bins - 2 weeks before the move, File and Computer Crates and Moving Supplies ? 1 week before the move.

Explain Purge / Shredding Process and distribute instructions and identify location of bins throughout the office.

Assign individuals to be on-site during the move to answer questions and supervise the process.

Distribute list of contact names and telephone numbers where contacts can be reached on the day of the move.

Contact Building Management at your new location to review policies and procedures for move-in day.

Arrange loading dock and elevator reservations as appropriate at the origin and destination locations.


Purge / Shredding Bins delivered.

Communicate with your staff, encourage a successful purge process.

Make list of employees who will not be present for the move and assign an individual to pack and label their work area.

Assign individuals to pack and label common areas such as the kitchen, lounge, etc.

Draft an emergency contact list for vendors such as Elevator Maintenance, Building Management, Utilities, Telecom, and Moving Company.


Moving bins, crate dollies, labels, and moving supplies delivered and distributed.

Provide Placards to your Mover or Move Consultant to post at the destination site.

Confirm dock and elevator reservations and origin and destination locations.

Contact Building Management to confirm dates and times.

Conduct a Final Prep Meeting with Supervisory Team, Mover and Move Consultant. Review the move schedule and address any last minute needs.

Communicate with your employees throughout the week, making sure the packing process is going smoothly and answer any questions.

Confirm the schedule of individuals who will attend the move and their roles.

Distribute 2-way radios and cell phones as appropriate for use during the move.

Distribute copies of floor plan to your move supervisors.

Complete a thorough walk-through of your new office space and take inventory of existing damage to walls, doorjambs and flooring.

Install Building Protection at new facility (Doorjamb, Wall, and Floor Protection).

Designate a Lost and Found area at the destination site.