Furniture Installation

Paragon Office Installations Services has fully trained office furniture installation specialists on permanent staff. Paragon's office furniture installers are familiar with all makes and models of furniture styles and office equipment.

Paragon's office furniture installers are able to install and reconfigure both new and existing systems. Part of our job at Paragon is being prepared for all the customers needs. Whether it's moving commercial furniture, residential furniture or in some cases just installing commercial office facilities. Paragon Office Installations Services specialists take measurements and notes of the new commercial office space as well as how the customer would like it laid out. Where the new or moved furniture is going to be placed and making sure it'll fit perfectly in the location picked for that particular piece of office furniture.

As professional commercial movers Paragon knows how to protect and install your sensitive or fragile office equipment. Paragon has trucks and moving equipment designed to relocate all your office equipment safely. All employees at Paragon Office Installations Services are trained to think and keep downtime to a minimum. At Paragon we'll even move you on the weekend in certain cases not disturbing the continuation of your business at all.

Surplus Furnishings

Paragon Office Installation Services not only assists you in moving your office furniture, household furniture and all other general furniture. Paragon is also available to assist you with the removal of any surplus furnishings and equipment you may be replacing.

When companies move from one location to another or from one city or town to another. Moving from and to another city or town in central Ontario cities such as Burlington, Milton, Oshawa, Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville or anywhere else in the Greater Toronto Area, companies usually like to replace their office furniture to fit the new space requirements. Many times the companies wonder what to do with the office furniture no longer needed, Paragon Office Installation Services can make arrangements with the company to move their new furniture and remove the old furniture in turn this is one less problem the company moving has to worry about. It's our job at Paragon Office Installation Services to get the new location up and working as soon as possible.